Is Air and Cabin Filter the Same Thing?

The cabin air filter is designed to filter the air inside your car, making it cleaner and more breathable. It is placed in the mouth of the heater box to treat air entering the passenger compartment, removing dust, soot, pollen and other environmental allergens. This filter should be replaced on a regular schedule, as it becomes filled with particles and becomes much less effective. Dirty cabin air filters not only lower the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, they also allow allergens to infiltrate your airspace. The engine air filter is similar in construction to the cabin air filter, but it performs a very different job.

It is located in the engine compartment, under the hood, inside a sealed housing, and is one of the fundamental components of the engine. Its purpose is to prevent dirty air from entering the engine, thus protecting engine components from wear and tear. Both air filters and cabin air filters are basically the same; they purify dirty air and only allow fresh air to enter. However, air filters protect engine components from wear and tear, while cabin air filters prevent allergens and airborne contaminants from entering the cabin interior, thus improving cabin air quality. Without a clean engine air filter in place, your vehicle's engine could suffer damage or decrease its efficiency. Your automotive technician will check the air filter for excessive debris and suggest a replacement as needed to keep the engine running smoothly.

If there is no cabin filter, all contaminants and particles present in the outside air will enter the cabin of your car. The service life of the engine depends on the quality of the air entering the engine and, if the air is dirty, it negatively affects the performance of the vehicle. Controlling pollutants passing through your vehicle can be a challenge, which is why both types of filters are important for maintaining a safe, comfortable and healthy driving experience. Regular engine air filter replacements are affordable and can save you thousands of dollars in engine damage. If you have allergies or respiratory sensitivity, you may need to replace your cabin air filter more often. The cadence of air filter replacements depends on the year, make and model of your vehicle, as well as your driving habits.

When you think of an air filter, you're likely to associate it with a device used to clean the air you breathe.

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