Where Should You Place Your Air Purifier for Maximum Effectiveness?

It can be tempting to place your air purifier anywhere in your home, but the truth is that the location of your air purifier is just as important as the device itself. To ensure that your air purifier is working at its best, it's important to consider the size of the room, the source of pollution, and the airflow in the room. If the air purifier is too heavy and too large to move from one room to another, then you should place it in a room with more pollution. If the biggest pollution in your home comes from the kitchen, put it in the kitchen.

The best location of the air purifier would be on the wall. Of course, to suspend it on the wall, you have to raise it and secure it in the same way you would hang a picture. The good thing about having a portable air purifier, like any of our Rabbit Air purifiers, is that you can move it from room to room all day long. During the day, placing it in the living room allows you to watch TV or spend time reading on the sofa while breathing in fresh, clean air.

When it's time to rest, moving the air purifier to your bedroom an hour before bedtime creates the same clean atmosphere before bedtime so you can go to dreamland in no time. Wherever you choose to place your air purifier, be sure to operate it daily so that your air purifier friend keeps your home clean and happy. The best place to place an air purifier is somewhere in the breathing area. The closer the unit is to your head, the shorter the distance clean air must travel before it reaches you.

In the bedroom, this usually results in placing the air purifier on a nightstand or nightstand near the bed. That said, your life becomes much easier if you have an open kitchen. In this situation, placing the air purifier anywhere in the living room or dining room should also cover the kitchen. Just make sure that your device is large enough for the size of your room.

The air cleaner should be placed in an open space with a lot of air flow; not in a corner, behind a chair, or under a table. This is because a corner has limited airflow. Placing an air purifier in an enclosed or semi-enclosed space prevents the machine from reaching other parts of the room. Instead, a wall air purifier with a built-in wall mount, such as Rabbit Air MinusA2, should be hung on the wall. When opening windows or doors, it lets in outside air that contains particles that the air cleaner is actively trying to remove.

However, the effectiveness of an air purifier is not as high as it would be with a closed window; but that would also mean that there would be no fresh air. As noted above, the most important thing to consider when placing air purifiers is airflow. Smaller Medify Air air purifiers, Levoit and Coway units, for example, can be easily placed on the desk. Putting it near windows with “dirty” air intake is exactly the correct position of the air purifier. By placing the air purifier on the right spot, there will be fewer pollutants in the air that could cause harm to your body. However, if you need to use an air purifier in a humid area, place a dehumidifier in the same room as an air purifier to reduce relative humidity level by 30 to 50 percent. In conclusion, when choosing where to place your air purifier for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, consider factors such as size of room and source of pollution as well as airflow and relative humidity levels.

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