Do Cars Have Two Cabin Air Filters?

The air inside your car is just as important as the air outside. To keep it clean and healthy, most new vehicles come with two air filters: one in the engine compartment and one in the cabin. The engine filter maintains a constant airflow in the engine, while the cabin filter, also known as a pollen filter or HVAC filter, keeps the interior air clean. Both filters should be changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. The cabin air filter is usually located behind the glove compartment and filters out harmful contaminants like pollen and dust.

If you notice a decrease in airflow or an unpleasant odor in your car, it may be time to replace the cabin filter. Each oil, transmission, fuel and air filter has its own purpose, all of which contribute to keeping your car running smoothly. The engine air filter is located inside the engine and prevents dust and debris from entering. It's important to check and replace this filter as often as your manufacturer recommends, or even sooner if you drive in congested urban areas or places with poor air quality. A study published by the U.

S. Department of Energy found that replacing a clogged air filter can improve fuel economy by up to 10%.Most late-model vehicles contain cabin air filters to trap material in the air that can make traveling in a car less pleasant. You can find mileage marks for recommended cabin air filter changes in your car's owner's manual, although they vary by vehicle type and manufacturer. If you have allergies, respiratory sensitivity, bad pollen in your area or live in a city with excessive smog, you may need to replace your cabin air filter more often. While you may not give much thought to this small service, regular engine air filter replacements are affordable and can save you thousands of dollars in engine damage.

So don't forget to check your car's filters regularly and replace them when necessary.

Jo Burgey
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