Are Carbon Cabin Air Filters the Best Choice for Your Vehicle?

Activated carbon cabin filters may cost more than particulate filters, but they offer a range of benefits that make them worth the extra expense. When you're stuck in traffic behind a large platform, a carbon filter in the cabin can easily block diesel smoke, improving the quality of your daily commute. In terms of health benefits, the charcoal air filter is much better, as it eliminates odors from the air entering the cabin, making it more pleasant to breathe. As a result, occupants of a vehicle experience more comfortable rides and the driver can control the vehicle more safely. Activated carbon filters usually work the same way as charcoal filters, but they have activated carbon as a special ingredient.

This type of filter absorbs harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and other airborne pollutants that pass through the ventilation system. Traditional air filter media are typically spun glass fiber media or pleated film on a cardboard frame. If you drive mainly on city streets or dusty roads, you may need to change your cabin air filter more often. According to My Toyota, they recommend that you change your car's cabin air filter every 20,000 km (about 12,000 miles) or once a year. EPAuto is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality panel air filters, cabin air filters, automotive tools and accessories. ACDelco CF188 is one of the best aftermarket air filters that traps 100 percent of large particles in the air.

Experts say the cabin air filter should be checked at least once a year and replaced approximately every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. If you are driving in a busy urban area, you may need to change your cabin air filters more often. These types of cabin air filters are more efficient and eliminate harmful gaseous pollutants, such as carbon monoxide. When selecting an air filter, there are a number of things that need to be considered in order to make an informed decision. The best protection against airborne pollutants when traveling anywhere by car is a clean and fresh cabin air filter.

These filters have the unique ability to remove dust and other particles from the air using static electricity. Since their initial introduction by original equipment manufacturers in the 1980s, the use of cabin air filter systems in vehicles has steadily increased. If your current filter is not worn out, you can clean it or consider buying a new one if it's falling apart. Air filters can make a big difference in how it feels to drive a car, especially if you're in the car for a long time. The performance of your car is not directly affected by this vehicle component, but it can still have an impact on how comfortable you feel while driving. EcoGard offers a versatile and economical air filter to help protect you from harmful particles.

Cleaning or replacing your cabin air filter regularly will ensure that you enjoy fresh and clean air while driving.

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