Do Air Purifiers Really Work for Allergies?

Using a HEPA filter in your home can remove most airborne particles that could worsen allergies. But airborne particles aren't the only ones in your home. There's so much more to your carpets, bedding and curtains, and it rests on countertops and tables. Therefore, it is essential to keep these areas clean.

It is also important, where possible, to eliminate the source of allergens and irritants. For example, the only effective way to keep tobacco smoke out of your home is to not smoke. Air purifiers may help with seasonal allergies, but they may not be the most effective method. Air purifiers only filter the air in a very small space inside the house, which limits their benefit, according to Dr.

Apart from the immediate space or the room where they are located, they will not impact small particles distributed on other levels or rooms. Air purifiers work to reduce the amount of pollen in the air, which in turn should relieve allergy symptoms. However, results will vary from person to person. The exact operation of an air purifier will depend on the size of the room you are in, the local climate, the model of the purifier, and your own personal health. Honeywell got into legal hot water for exaggerating the effectiveness of its air purifiers, so beware of bold claims from manufacturers.

Using an air purifier with a HEPA filter between March and September should help alleviate some of the symptoms of hay fever, and they can be used together with antihistamines and nasal sprays as directed by a doctor or allergy specialist. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a portable air purifier is one of the most effective ways to improve indoor air quality in an individual room or area. Don't expect it to clean an entire house and remember: only particles that pass through the air filter will be captured. Over the years, the Federal Trade Commission has taken action against several manufacturers of air purifiers, including brands such as Honeywell and Oreck, for baseless allergy relief claims or for announcing that their devices removed virtually all impurities from the indoor air that people breathed. I've been closely monitoring my usual symptoms - watery eyes and nose - to see if, as a manufacturer of a trumpet model boasted both wildly and vaguely, a household air purifier “completely revolutionizes the clarity of the air you breathe so you feel better”.As air moves through the filter, contaminants and particles are captured, and clean air is expelled into the living space.

The appliance industry has established a Clean Air Supply Rate (CADR) to allow consumers to adapt the right room air purifier to the room they want to treat. We also love the versatility of custom filters, which include options such as germ defense, pet allergy, odor eliminator or toxin absorber - all of which will improve air quality and hopefully help alleviate some allergy symptoms. For best results, make sure that the air purifier you have is in the room you spend most time in, that it has a suitable HEPA filter installed and that it is running all day. Some air purifiers use ionizers to help attract particles such as static negative ions which bind to dust and allergens and cause them to be deposited out of the air. To make it easier many air purifiers have indicator lights that indicate it's time to replace the filter. If routine allergies or asthma symptoms adversely affect your life evidence that a HEPA filter improves respiratory health may encourage you to seek an air purifier.

Cheri Wright marketing director at Kaz -the company that makes Honeywell air purifiers- said that devices clean indoor air of microscopic dust pollen mold spores and other particles. Air purifiers help filter out most of the air particles that aggravate allergies as well as small contaminants that have settled on your furniture walls and floors after a long year in quarantine.

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